Interested in joining the CMS PTO for the 2021-2022 school year?  Check out the Volunteer tab for more information!
2020/2021 CMS PTO Board
President                        Heather Farley   
Vice President                Toni Alcantar   
Treasurer                        Chris Lobsinger
Secretary                        Jacqueline Ploof
Volunteer Coordinator    Heather Farley     
Communications             Heather Farley
The following position is a PTO Coordinator and not part of the PTO Board: Staff Appreciation Coordinator.
 PTO Meetings
Please join us for our PTO meetings.  See the calendar for upcoming dates. It's a great way to find out helpful information about CMS.  Principal, Nate Swenson attends each meeting, along with various presentations from students and speakers from the local area.  All PTO meetings will be held via Zoom.  Details will be posted to this page, as well as our Facebook Page.